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Yoy are playing Ninjago Skybound game on In Ninjago Skybound you have to stop him from overtaking Ninjago Island. Have fun!


It is high time we play lots of video games. Some of our favorite heroes try to make a new challenge in the gaming world. Ninjas play also a vital role in the gaming world. We heard about NINJAGO. Behind it; here stands a reckless battle story which is perfectly described in the Lego Ninjago Skybound Game.

An epic sword battle is awesome side-scrolling fun in this game. Warriors are always ready to take any risk to rescue their team technically.

Ninjago lovers will be so glad to have their favorite heroes with powerful weapons. Their attacking ninja skills will rebuild Ninjago in the gaming world.

How to Play Lego Ninjago Skybound

Playing a game is a challenge. It becomes more interesting when the game has a progressive turn in every step. Ninjago Skybound can give you that interest to move yourself try to take something new challenge. Let’s see how to do that-

  • Select PLAY to start a challenge.
  • Choose your ninjas and the level.
  • Find to get sid- scrolling on the right side of the screen.
  • Also, find the hidden TIGER WIDOW VENAN to stop the evil DJINN NADAKHAN
  • To destroy all the enemies help the warriors with their movements.
  • Stop the evil of the game DJINN NANDAKHAN from overtaking Ninjago Island and destroy his plans.
  • Free COLE, WU, NYA, LLOYD, ZANE, and KAI with the help of brave JAY.
  • Complete each level perfectly and get stars and collect as many studs as you can.
  • Go ahead to complete all traps with the help of warriors with their weapons to reach the ultimate destination.

Story Behind the Game

The evil Djinn is threatening Ninjago Island in the game.  He wants to destroy everything that’s why he prisoned Ninjago. Here JAY plays perfectly well to free Ninjago Island after lots of adventurous and challenging works. Djinn made some twisty turn so that JAY might not get any chance to free their place from him.

In the game, there are lots of difficulties to reach the final destination by fighting all enemies. So in the game, the blue ninja, JAY, and his mission are to stop NADAKHAN and his Sky Pirates to rescue Cole, Nya, Lloyd, Zane, Kai, and Master Wu from the Djinn Blades by a. Djinn Nadakhan wanted to rebuild his realm in the sky that’s why he starts sealing parts of Djinjago Island. Jay and his gang of Sky Pirates have a target in the game to take back the stolen lands and rebuild Ninjago which is the main attraction of the game.

Levels of the Game

In NINJAGO SKYBOUND there are some challenging levels including NINJAGO ISLAND, TIGER WIDOW ISLAND, FLOATING ISLAND, MISFORTUNE’S KEEP, and BONUS LEVELS. Total 12 levels and 2 extra levels as an example the whole term-

Ninjago Island

Level 01 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: None

Level 02 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Clancee

Level 03 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Cyren

Character to Rescue: Cole    

Tiger Widow Island

Level 04 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: None

Level 05 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Monkey Wretch

Level 06 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Tiger Widow

Character to Rescue: Nya

Floating Islands

Level 07 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: None

Level 08 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Doubloon

Level 09 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Dogshank

Character to Rescue: Lloyd

Misfortune’s Island

Level 10 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: None

Level 11 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Flintlocke

Character to Rescue: Zane

Level 12 |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: Nadakhan

Character to Rescue: Kai & Wu

  • Bonus Levels
  • Lighthouse |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: None
  • Prison |Enemies: Squiffy| Boss: None

Strategy of the Game

The quest of Ninjago Skybound Game will surely help you to find an interest in the strategy of the game by two different gameplay options: Stealth or Strength. Each of the two segments has its portion so consider each segment with their turns carefully.

Again to accomplish the full mission; create your balance. The enemies you encounter have a line of sight that will change from red to grey. An attempt would be simply clicking on them and beating them face to face by powerful weapons. Difficulties should be there because enemies want to spot you in every sector of Ninjago Skybound to lose your stealth points. Ninjago lovers may love this challenge though the game is not so easy rather have some difficulties.

Achievement of the Game

One of the adventurous game is Lego Ninjago Skybound. You will get the leader DJINN NADAKHAN with his spine-chilling plans to destroy the Ninjago world and use the LEGO parts to build his kingdom.

To find the rare Tiger Widow Venom and the LEGO universe is one of the great achievements for Jay and his friends. All you have to do for attacking your enemies are jumping, hiding behind any objects, climbing drag to adjust the angle and landing point. By this it is possible to rescue all his friends in the Sky Pirates.

Besides being skilled ninja can also give you special achievements including- “Two-Faced Takedown” or “Ninja Universe”.

It has also a great opportunity to accumulate studs at the end of each level to purchase ninja weapons.

Ready for Lego Ninjago Skybound!

The most popular, exciting, colorful game LEGO NINJAGO SKYBOUND with fascinating music is available online. The game is loaded in an iframe so it provides it in all browsers. The resolution, optimization, and visual performance of Ninjago Skybound is more attractive for ninja lovers in recent times. So now grab the challenge by your favorite heroes and have a great time! Protection Status