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Do you know Ninjago heroes are here to give you an action? So, let’s see what’s new!

Nowadays online games are more attractive for game lovers. Lego Ninjago Coloring Game is one of the most attractive games for you. An exciting experience, reckless battles Lego Ninjago Game can fight with your tiredness in your leisure time.

You will get amusement through this colorful game by choosing favorite heroes in the battle during your boring time. Again this game has an adventurous term by which full of coloring Ninjago heroes can play the curiosity. It is not so hard to play but interesting; having an amazing character.

Let’s have a try!

How to Play Lego Ninjago Coloring Game

The game needs some controls to play in every turn. Some movements with spacebar you can follow –

  • Firstly create individual images for favorite heroes
  • Find colors for un
  • usual patterns
  • Choose any colors located on the bottom of the screen
  • Color necessary parts of Ninjago by mouse clicks

Three plots are offered to players to color the figures. In the game moving free from

FINAL BATTLE and SNAKE INVASION make LEGO WARRIOR fans thrilled to complete the whole game to make coloring bravery Ninjago. Kai, Zane, Cole, Jay, Sensei Wu these ninjas are assigned for the mission of this coloring game. You can use the ninjas as you like by choosing your favorite color.

Story of the Game

Spinjitzu, the master lived somewhere and get invented spinning battles and the elemental power of men. Scythe of Quakes, Shurikens of Ice, Sword of Sanctuary, and Nunchucks of Lightning are four instances of unique weapons created by the master at the end of his life.

Dream and Success didn’t come true for the first master-brother who grew into the war and had a quarrel. During this critical time in the war, traces of magic weapons were lost and couldn’t find anyone. Sensei Wu the perfect Spinjitzu fighter had studied this power of pupils-Ninjago Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay. Being together they went for searching the supernatural magical weapon.

After thousands of obstacles and suffering, they found the ultimate equipment and it was quite hard to come back now.

Warriors of the Game

The interesting part of the game is that ninjas have five different characters; among them KAI always prefers red costumes and his branded ninja costumes combine with black and bright colors. ZANE has bright blue eyes combining with black eyebrows that will help you to find the real heroes rather than mixing up other ninjas. Then comes COLE. Black costumes that can harmonize with his black hair, eyes & eyebrows express COLE.

JAY is handsome having styled brown hair and his costume always fits perfectly to its owner. SENSEI WU is pleasant and good-natured. There is only one kimono with grey and golden fragments that symbolize the highest level of the processing power of Spinijitzu.

Weapons of the Game

The Ninjago Coloring Game expresses some ninja characters with their weapons and appearance.

Kai perfectly can use every kind of weapon but prefers using a fiery sword or air blade. Again Ninjago respects his teacher Sensei Wu and listens to all the explanations of the master.

Zane often uses icy shuriken, silver katana, or air blade. He is not so fast as Jay rather he can solidly and competently clear space from enemies keeping them far away. He has the rank of “Master of Spinjitzu” and processes all techniques of every source of power.

“Achieving harmony one can become a super warrior of ninja” Cole believes. Being a great and perfect warrior Cole prefers to use Katana or Golden scythe in any battle though he can also use the other weapons. He was the first ninja who knows “Ninjago’s power of Spinjitzu”.

It was used for defeating crowds of skeletons and snake warriors. Jay is the great warrior for both far and near distances. In critical situations Shuriken, Nunchucks, Bolts, Golden spear, Air blade all the weapons are equally mortal for all enemies during the fighting by his skilful power.

And lastly the master of all ninja Sensei Wu with his branded weapon Golden Dragon Staff to create real magic by it although he can defeat any other weapons. Even he could defeat numerous enemies without weapons. That’s why this master is dangerous for all enemies.

Lego Ninjago is an exciting world of all ninjas battling against evil.

To color your favorite ninjas with their powerful weapons in the battle; this game is undoubtedly a superb and exciting initiative. It was important to know the story behind all Ninja and their weapon used in battle to get a clear knowledge for the LEGO NINJAGO COLORING PAGES. Ninjago Coloring pages tell the categories of the game that the dragon is a significant part of Ninjago and was introduced to ninja lovers with their different characters known as Jay, Cole, Zane, and Kai.


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