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Ninjago Possession is a cool action game on Lego Ninjago games colected. In this game, you can join with Jay, Kai, Zane, Cole, and Lloyd to collect new weapons, unlock characters and defeat the enemies in the Ninjago world! Please choose your one Ninjago you love and fight many enemies to complete your missions.

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Amazingly, four levels of this game may consist of some difficulties that you have to tackle. These tasks and battles have some twist. Therefore, you can enjoy every consequence of the game. Ninjago heroes are always ready to face any problem in this game.

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How to Play Lego Ninjago Possession Game?

The game is straightforward and easy to play if you maintain all the steps carefully. Some movements you can follow-

  • Press the arrow keys of your keyboard to move your characters.
  • Only press the space-bar key to attack the enemies and perform special moves.
  • Select the hero of your adventure at the beginning of each level.
  • Make sure to put all the skills of your heroes- cool-headed Cole, fiery Kai, reserved Zane, light-hearted Jay, or even the wise Llyod. Warriors Of The game that you need to complete four levels with a character to unlock the next one.
  • After completing a level, you have to go through the intricate labyrinth of stairs, rumps, steep walls, and unstable bridges.

Again there will be several obstacles along the way like menacing enemies which you need to get past using your ninja skills and strength in the Ninjago Wiki Possession.

To complete all your weapons with all the Lego parts, it’s important to make sure to find out all of the weapons. Because there another matter lies that nine on each level are in the game and some of them are easy to miss.

Just try to keep attention on the green hearts in the top left part of your screen. You may need to start over.

Warriors of the Game 

Strategy games are puzzling too. The setups of this game have some strategy with some demands. Players go through four 2D stages similar to other Ninjago games. The beginner character in this game is Cole while Zane, Kai, Jay, and Llyod are playable if the player collects nine weapon parts for each Ninja. All these five characters of this game can use aero blades. They can attack by using Spinjitzu and jump using Airjitzu.

COLE- As an elemental muster and Ninja of earth Cole is the current warrior who was recruited by Wu. Cole learned Spinjitzu with Wu’s help and also discovered his other teammates to make a marvelous game.

ZANE- As an elemental muster and Ninja of ice Zane is another powerful warrior and the first Nindroid. Like Cole, Zane also learned Spinjitzu from Wu. He embarked on adventures like battling the likes of the Serpentine and the Stone Army. He was reunited with his inventor, Dr. Julien.

JAY- Jay Walker is known as the “Ninja of Lighting”. He learned skills including Spinjitzu and also invented his other partners. He embarked on some adventures of battling the likes of the Serpentine and Stone Army with them. Then he built a relationship with Kai’s sister, Nya.

KAI- Kai is known as fire maker by the Ice Fishers and currently the elemental muster named Ninja as Fire, as well as Nya’s elder brother. With the help of Wu, Kai also learned Spinjitzu and discovered his partners like Cole, Zane, and Jay. Cole and Kai were the original leaders of the Ninja team before Lloyd became the new leader of the team. There were alternatives and sharing leadership between them.

LLYOD- Lloyd, the green ninja is the element master of energy and the leader of the Ninja. He changed his turns by helping the Ninja and realizing his destiny was to be the Green Ninja.

As the Ninja trained Lioyd, he became the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master after reuniting his mother Misako.

Weapons of the Game

Cole usually uses the weapons-Scythe of Quakes (formerly), Hammer, Scythe (formerly), Earth Punch, Golden Hammer, Scythe Prime, and also a controller. In the game, Cole protected Wu from a notorious gang and joined his battles with his weapons.

As a Ninja of Fire Kai uses Sword of Fire(formerly), Katanas, Sword (formerly), Golden Katana, Dragon Blade, Katana prime, and Controller.

As a Ninja of Lightning, the blue Ninja Jay chose his weapons- Nunchucks of Lightning (formerly), Djinn Blade, Golden Kusarigama (formerly), Nunchucks, Kusarigama Prime, Controller (formerly). Jay helped a battle notorious gang that was ultimately standard with the original ninja.

Zane, the Ninja of Ice use Shuriken of Ice (formerly), Ninja Bow, Shurikens, Golden Shuriken, Scepter (formerly), Forbidden Scroll (formerly). He also uses Crossbow in his battle to fight with enemies.

The leader of the Ninja, Lloyd has some ultra technique in his reckless battle. Generally, he knows how to tackle all the enemies. He also knows the skills with his weapons- Sword, Golden Sword, Katana (formerly), Sword of Sanctuary (formerly).

Summary of the Game

Every Game has some individual mission to complete. As well as Ninjago the game has its particular steps by Ninjago Wiki Possession having cubes and platforms which open different routes and uncover secret items that are real tests of intelligence. The game can think on the spot and every consequence of the battle.

You will get your Ninja heroes in the game to continue the battle. This is very interesting that

The cool-headed Cole, fiery Kai, reserved Zane, light-hearted Jay, or even the wise Lloyd make the game competitive through their continuous hard work at all levels.

Ready to Get a Challenge

Ninjago Possession is the marvelous Ninjago game that you can play on NuMuKi for free.

Ninjago Wiki Possession is always ready to give you a challenge. You will need to use all your ninja skills to navigate through the dangerous and powerful labyrinths ahead. So it’s a great opportunity to grab the challenge through the Ninjago Possession game.

Have a try! There isn’t much time left. Hopefully, you will have an enjoyable time. Protection Status