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It’s time to embark on a thrilling adventure with your favorite heroes. Lego Ninjago Rush is one of the most popular Lego Ninjago Games online. Its faced paced fluid gameplay is what makes it special. The thrill is real, and it will make you play for hours.

Ninjago Rush features all your favorite heroes. Sensei Wu is here to guide your Ninjago heroes to victory. You can choose from Jay, Lloyd, Kai, Cole, and Zane. You have to play with them to survive in the dangerous jungle full of vicious enemies.  The game is very simple, but mastering their skills needs determination.

Train with Kai, Jay, Cole, Lloyd, and Zane to improve their abilities. Sensei Wu has given the Ninjago heroes a mission. Your heroes have to explore the wilderness lurking with dangers. Defeat the Serpentines to reach your destination. But, don’t forget to collect the Zade Blades on your way.

How to Play Ninjago Rush

Ninjago Rush has simple controls. You can move around with the direction keys and attack with the spacebar. They are listed down here for you.

Press Spacebar to use Spinjitzu attack

Press Up (▲) to Jump/Climb up the ladder

Press Down (▼) to Slide/Climb down the ladder

Press Left (◄) to go Left

Press Right (►) to go Right

Press Left+Up (◄+▲) to jump diagonally in left

Press Right+Up (►+▲) to jump diagonally in right

Ninja Rush games will use these controls throughout the game. So, you can enjoy the game without worrying. But, that doesn’t mean it is too easy.  Ninjago Rush is pretty challenging, and you will need skills and determination to complete the levels. Often you will find places where you have to use some combination of keys to get past the obstacles. Don’t forget to use your Spinjitzu skills. Bash your enemies with Spinjitzu as you rush through the wilderness. Stay focused and attack the enemies with all you have got. You will get a classic action platformer thrill at the beginning levels. But as you collect more Zade blades, you will get to unlock the tournament and more.

Unfold the Story of Ninjago Rush

The stories of the Lego Ninjago Rush take place on a mysterious island. You will discover breathtaking landscapes covered with trees and mountains. You begin the journey in a mesmerizing sunset view. But don’t let the beauty fool you. There lurk vicious enemies in the woods. Master Wu has sent Jay, Lloyd, Kai, and Cole on the mysterious island in the hope of finding their team-mate, Zane.

Zane was supposedly captured by the evil Master Chen and hidden on that island. He has held a tournament of elements on that island in order to lure out the elemental ninjas. Zane’s friends eventually end up going to the island.

The Ninjago Rush Games story starts from here where you play as Jay, Kai, Lloyd, Cole to rescue Zane. Each of the ninjas is sent to different locations to find the Zade Blades. But nothing comes easy. Chen’s serpentine army is deployed all over the island to stop you. Each of the heroes is assigned with a mission, and you must use their abilities to accomplish them. Run, hack, and slash through the levels and collect Zade Blades. Zade Blades will increase your power so that you can confront Master Chen.

Enter the Tournament of Elements

After collecting 3 of the Zade Blades, you will be permitted to enter the tournament. The mysteries of Ninjago Rush will begin to unravel once you enter the tournament. You can then create an avatar of your own and jump into the Lego Ninjago Rush world.

You will have your own avatar in the tournament with modified stats and power. Use your new skill and play as a ninja to compete in the tournament. Find out Chen’s vicious plans and ally with the other ninjas to rescue Zane.

You will be able to play with Zane once you collect 6 Jade blades. That means new missions to complete and enemies to defeat. Play with Zane to collect more Jade Blades. Learn new skills and harness powers to reveal the secrets of all levels. Once you unlock new skills, you can access places that were previously not possible to reach. Discover the mysteries of the island. Once you get hold of 9 Jade Blade, you can unlock an additional chapter in Ninjago Rush Games named The Temple on the Haunted Hill.

Escape The Cursed Temple

The story of The Temple on the Haunted Hill takes place after the heroes defeat Chen and his followers on the mysterious island. The heroes were in a quest to learn Airjitzu. They end up going to the Haunted Temple of Master Yang.

There they are faced with difficult challenges set by the ghost of Master Yang. The four ninjas try their best to overcome the challenges and succeed in obtaining the Airjitzu scroll from Master Yang. But they are warned to leave the temple before sunset, or they will turn in ghosts.

The story takes an interesting turn in the Ninjago Rush Games. Along with the four original ninjas, you will be playing as a ninja yourself! Get ready to feel the adrenaline as you compete against other ninjas to escape the temple before sunset.

But, do you have what it takes to win against the ninjas? You will have to follow Master Wu’s guidance and keep training. Unlock all the skills in Ninjago Rush and master them. Get ready to face off against the others and prove your skills.

Are you ready to take the Challenge!

Brace yourself for a wonderful experience in the world of Lego Ninjago Rush. Start playing with your favorite heroes now. Dive into the action and get ready to defeat the evil foes. Rise above all, and become the best ninja!Ninjago Rush is one of the coolest Ninjago games. Have fun playing the game. But don’t forget to tell your friends! Protection Status